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AGREATIS℠ Solutions

AGREATIS℠ - Recruitment Process Management Technology Solutions:

In addition to providing professional staffing services, AGreatis℠ have been expanding its services within the Human resources community by providing best of the future technology solutions- “CLOUD Computing” for Recruitment Process Management (RPM).
Our solution is focused on new the generation of “CLOUD” based computing technologies, which is a delivered as a low cost of ownership model-SaaS(Software as a Service)model.
Our two flag ship products are the right tools that enables Recruitment Process Management (RPM) for both Hiring managers and staffing services provider.
2Bugle® RPM –For HR Professionals, a recruitment lifecycle management system.
2Bugle®-VMS- A vendor management system for contingent staffing service providers.

2Bugle® RPM

Our Flagship Recruitment Process Management (RPM)Solution-2Bugle® RPM is now available as SaaS solution. It’s a CLOUD based service, available on-demand at very low point of entry cost model. 2Bugle® RPM provides end to end hosted web-based application that provides all the tools for managing the complete lifecycle of the staffing process. It provides job requisition management, Job posting and SEO micro-jobsite deployment, Web-based applicant tracking, hiring process management and on-boarding process management.
2Bugle® RPM delivered as SaaS model, will enable organizations to:
  • Adapt Social Media for recruiting: Adapt to new and efficient Social network media based functionality to improve time to hire and reach a wider network of professionals. Effectively using the organizations existing social medial presence in connecting to active and passive job seekers.
  • Deploy SEO Micro Jobsites: Instantaneously-create, deploy and propagate micro “jobs portal” “career portal” links within organizations website to propagate the jobs postings across multiple search engines and improve its web ranking among web crawlers and other jobs aggregating websites and social media networks.
  • Work flow Management: Provide work flow based tools for the HR and hiring managers to efficiently manage hiring process and be in compliant with HR policies and laws.
  • Reduce Time to Hire: Reduce time to hire using internal push-pull HR workflow process across hiring chain and decision makers.
  • Predictive Hiring Analytics: Provide recruitment analytical tools to analyze historic hiring data to develop and predict future hiring programs and improve decision making process.
For more information please feel free to submit your request here.


The 2Bugle®-VMS Version 2.0 is the solution for the contingent staffing service providers to host vendor managed staffing services.
The solution provides tools for vendor management, job requisition management, candidate Submission, contractor timesheet tracking and approval, electronic billing and payment process, contract management, vendor performance analytics.

2Bugle®-VMS delivered as SaaS model will enable contingent staffing organizations to:

  1. Quick VMS Solution Delivery: Deploy Vendor Managed Staffing services solution with low cost of ownership, there by focusing on delivery of their services more effectively reducing time to market.
  2. Increase Revenue: By offering 2Bugle®-VMS, contingent staffing service providers can gain market share by diminishing competition and leverage their existing client relationship.
  3. Implement Process Effectively:Contingent staffing service providers can easily streamline contingent staffing process for their client and suppliers.
  4. Deliver Cost savings to clients: Effectively VMS based contingent staffing service providers are able to demonstrate cost savings to their clients by reducing multiple vendor communication, effective centralized cost controls, Monitor contractor utilization and effectiveness.
For more information please feel free to submit your request here.
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