There are several reasons as to Why any Organization would need our (AGreatis) Professional Staffing services. However, the following are the TOP SIX Reasons that would justify the “Why?”.
  1. Staffing Industry Experience — Our capability to deliver new-generation staffing services and solutions differentiates us from any other staffing firm within our industry. Our services and solutions have been defined based on our thirty-five years of combined staffing industry experience.
  2. Best Practices — Our services foundation is based on best practices and processes which are supported by state-of-the-art technology solutions and people with business acumen for client services, people management, and networking skills to drive effective recruitment strategies to produce the right results for our client’s hiring goals.
  3. Know How — Our account managers and recruiters have extensive knowledge in understanding the job’s skill sets and can deliver the right combination of skilled and experienced candidates for the requisitions presented by our clients.
  4. Technology Enabled Search Techniques — Our recruitment search techniques have been designed from several sources, including mining our extensive proprietary database of qualified candidates, which we have built over several years, and is constantly updated, and also from a vast network of professionals from several internal/external sources and affiliates thereby enabling us to locate qualified candidates for our clients to hire within expected timeframes. We also drive our search criteria based on your industry and peer/competitor-focused approach.
  5. Attention to Details — In our recruiting approach, we stand apart from other staffing and recruiting companies because our unique recruiting techniques guarantee the best results. Our research staff focuses on the details of every job requisition besides seeking to match the candidate’s core skills and experience that are needed for a position. They match the candidates based on how well their overall personality would fit within the hiring organization’s work culture.
  6. All around 360-Degree Perspective — To a potential candidate, we present the various aspects of the hiring organization’s culture, explain how they would become a valuable resource for the organization, and give them as much insight into their prospective future employer and workplace. In this process, we provide the employer and the prospective employee a 360-degree perspective of each other to make it a win-win proposition.
Are You?…Seeking A Career Move..!,Let our Career Specialist shape it for you!
We would love to hear from you if you want to make your next career move. Our Career Specialist would love to connect with you to discuss career goals and your desired employer to work at. With your permission, we will work with you to help you find the desired role with the great companies we work with.